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Productivity Academy is an academy focus on Productivity Improvement and Operation Excellence. Productivity Academy supported by practitioners who have proven knowledge, skills, experience in their field especially in Productivity Improvement. Productivity Academy has worked with clients from various industries to educate their people and improve their performance.  We focused on productivity development to help people to get productivity improvement knowledge and insight, so they can contribute to company performance, in terms of “Quality, Speed and Cost”

Improve Productivity TO ACHIEVE GROWTH

Productivity is about how efficiently a company can turn its inputs into outputs in the form of goods and services. ​Productivity is the ratio of outputs produced, per unit of resources consumed (Input), productivity can be partial which is the ratio of output to a single input or total which is the ratio of output to all the inputs used in the production process.

Productivity improvement is a managed process, it does not happen by accident. A productive organization simply puts one that is efficient in converting the inputs to outputs (products/services) and effective in fulfilling its mission of satisfying expectations of customers and other stakeholders. For an organization with higher level productivity leads to: efficient, effective and economical use of resources, superiority in market competition, economic development and growth and better standard of living and human welfare.

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